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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dog Attack!

    When I came back from my walk late Saturday afternoon, I found a chunk of fat and skin with Orpington feathers attached!!! Lots of other feathers spread all around the yard. I ran to the shed and found all four girls up on the roost.... but Hester was kind of crunched up toward the back. Poor Hester!!! And I had to wait till morning to get a good look at her.  (When I get a hen house built its going to have electric!!!)
     Anyway, in the morning she was alive but had no intention of coming out of the shed! I finally got to examine her and see the extent of the injury. A big gaping hole in her side near and in back of the wing. It was a dog bite!! Seems one of the neighbor's dog came over and went after the girls! I guess Hester either stood her ground or got trapped. Shes used to getting her own way, so I can just imagine her thinking that she could scare off this dog like she does the four she lives with. Sadly that wasn't the case.
     I have put her in semi-isolation in a dog crate inside the chicken pen. I let her out for supervised strolls, then back in she goes.

   The others don't know what to think! They stay close to Hester in her cage for most of the day. The first day they barely left her side. Only when I went out and sat with her would they wander off on their regular bug-patrol routes.
   I realize now how totally unprepared I am for any chicken emergency!!! I'll  have to remedy that in the very near future.  In the meantime, I've cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide ( she HATED that) and smothered it with Neosporin w/painkiller ointment.  She isn't fond of that either but she settles down and lets me hold her till it "melts" into that gaping hole! If she can avoid infection then there is a chance it will heal up and she can continue to be the main Diva around here!!!  Please send healing and prayers her way.

  (Jacob knew something was wrong and he tried his best to stay close too. The girls were unimpressed by his devotion. And Hester was just plain put-out by it.  She really isn't fond of any canine right about now! Can't fault her for that!)

Friday, January 10, 2014

What a Day! by Jacob

   "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What a time we've had around here! I'm on the mend, but sometimes I still cry out in pain. That worries Mama. She says my bones and muscles didn't get a chance to grow properly because of poor nutrition and neglect. Boy, does she ever get mad about that!!!  But now she has to worry about Aunt Rory....... we all are.
    You see, Mama came home from work yesterday to find Rory's face and upper neck swollen up REALLY BAD! She called our doctor's office but there was a substitute vet there. (Mama doesn't have a very high opinion about this guy. I won't repeat what she said about his lack of skills.... I'm not supposed to use language like that!) She had to go anyway. Boy, was she ever upset! So out the door they went and before they got to the car Mama tripped and fell. Maynard the cat told me that the full body roll she did was really impressive!! Said it was as good as any cat could have done. Wow! I didn't know Mama had it in her! Good thing she did. Maynard says she got right up and got Rory into the car and off they went!

    The doctor's first guess was snake bite, then maybe something else. They did blood work and she had to stay there a few hours. Poor Rory. But the people in the back are really, really nice! I stayed there a long time when I was young!  By the time Mama went to get Rory, they thought it was a tooth abscess. And she had to get two prescriptions. 
   This morning they went back to see our real doctor and she was able to feel a big mass in Rory's neck. So Doc has given Rory another prescription to take and that nasty swelling of her face and jaw needs to go down more. It looked a LOT better this morning than it did! A WHOLE LOT better!    She still looks kinda' funny, but please don't tell her I said that. She is really sweet and we all love her so much.... I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cautionary Comment from Ronan.

   "Uhmmm, Mama. I think you're taking this whole holiday preparation thing way too seriously. I do believe I see smoke rising up from the top of your head!
   I think you should relax a bit. Maybe drive out to a store and purchase some cat treats or something. Yeah, that would help you calm down.
    Or the seafood market! That would be even better.          Wow, theres even more smoke now!!!  How do you make it DO that?
    Have you ever given any consideration to trying catnip? It really helps with my stress situations.     WHOA! Now you have steam coming out of your ears!!!
   I get the feeling I'd better shut up now."

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whats Almost Here?

   " Mama keeps muttering to herself about how she can't believe its almost here. Blossom and I were starting to think that the cats might have slipped her some bad catnip somehow. (Well, you never know! Cats can be really sneaky when they want to be.)
    Then Coco assured us that we were incorrect. She'd all ready asked Brave Dave and Ronan about our suspicions and they said that all the cats were just as perplexed as we are.   We know shes been under a lot of stress this year... so we were keeping a close watch on her anyway. Wonder if her mind has finally snapped? That's not a good thing in humans. (Doesn't seem to matter much with cats though.)
   I tell you, its unnerving! She starts mumbling and every once in a while throws her hands up and says things like "I'll never be ready in time!" and "What the heck happened to 2013?" Shes making a fuss about finding some kind of cards. Says she needs to get them out soon! Sheesh!! What is all the worry and hurry about?!
   And to make it even more strange... she put some silly kind of collars on me and Ahulee. They were soft and fuzzy and had big BELLS on them that jingled every time we moved! It was really upsetting! I hope she takes those back to the store where she got them.... even the cats were snickering and making fun of us! Yep, I think that Mama might have lost part of her mind. I'll keep everyone updated on this dire situation. In the meantime......

....I'll look around outside. She may have dropped it out here in the back yard! Wish me luck."        Jacob

Friday, December 6, 2013

Feeling Better!

   Everyone has been asking about Jake! He finally healed up from the mystery injury. Took about three weeks! He seems good as new, but is still a little bit hesitant about certain things. Like the steps.
   Our latest adventure is trying to teach him some leash manners. He knows  I'm a real softy. And he keeps testing me, but heck, all kids do that! Its just part of their society development. Dogs are no exception.   Anyway, please wish us luck..... and pray for me! hahahahaaa!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Pitiful Little Boy.

   Poor Jacob! He just wants to lie in his crate. He started crying out in pain a couple of days ago. Yesterday was pretty bad, so off to the vet he went this morning. The trouble is in the hip and lower back area. Right now he is on some pills for pain reduction and I'll keep a close eye on him.  Hopefully, he simply pulled something out of whack while running and bouncing around like a little maniac!!!  Or maybe Blossom got fed up with his shenanigans and pushed him off the porch!  I just don't know!  All thats for certain is that he is in a lot of pain. Hopefully time and rest will heal him.  If not, then x-rays will be the next logical step. (Not sure where the money will come from... but somehow it always works out.... somehow. Getting the feeling I'd better get creative this time!)
   For the last few weeks I've been trying to decide on how to raise money for an improved deck with a ramp for Ahulee to use. He'll be 13 years old in March of 2014. With his size and bad joints I KNOW I have to make something!!!! Never even considered I might need that for either of the younger dogs. Oh well, life has a way of "happening". And we just have to adapt and do the best we can.
   So please say a prayer or send positive healing energy to the four legged gang here. We appreciate it!!  Blessings to all.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jacob Looked SO Serious.

   Jacob was doing some serious sunbathing the other day! Looks like he learned the finer points of this art form from Ahulee. This certainly is a familiar looking pose. chuckle    Great weather for it!!!